Quick Guide to Apply Odisha Driving Licence Online

Citizens residing within the state of Odisha can approach the RTO which has been designated as the licensing authority within their region if they are looking forward to applying for a driving licence. People have the option of applying for a driving license personally at the office of the RTO or even by using online options, which are available. The procedure for applying for a driving license personally is mentioned below.

The state of Odisha which is located on the eastern coast of India is close to the state of West Bengal and is the 11th largest in terms of population within the country. During the past, Odisha was not recognized as a state that was staying in line with the constant developments which were being noticed in other parts of India. Odisha was considered as a religious destination because of the large numbers of temples, which are located within the state. These temples and the festivals which are conducted have been handed down from history, which dates back to 261 BC when the kingdom from that time was invaded by Emperor Ashoka. The modern state of Odisha was only established before independence on April 1, 1936.

Driving Licence is Must in Odisha

The ancient history from the state along with the large number of temples and other festivals which are held regularly could easily give people an impression that the state is just populated by people that are using horses and chariots for their movement. However, things have been changing ever since the modern state of Odisha was established, and despite the development within the state was hampered by numerous problems it presently looks forward to catching up with the rest of India.

Inappropriate governments during the past did not consider it necessary to bring in the latest developments and were content to have a transport department which did not consider the requirements of the people or the state efficiently. The economy for the state was regularly battered by the vagaries of the weather which continue to this day. While governments over the past were content to sympathize with the people, they did not make any attempts to improve the local conditions or to create a mechanism which would assist people during the times when they had to face difficulties with any kind. It is just in the recent past when the present government made an attempt to deal with a situation which was considered hazardous and succeeded against all odds. This government has also been credited for the way they had handled the situation and prevented calamities by a large margin.

The Odisha Motor Vehicle Department

It is the responsibility of the Odisha Motor Vehicle Department to ensure mechanisms of efficient road transport, for the movement of goods and citizens within the state.

35 RTO offices are situated within Odisha, and everyone of these offices has a regional transport officer [RTO], additional RTO [enforcement], inspector of motor vehicle IMV, additional RTO [Gen.], traffic inspectors, assistant RTO, traffic sub inspectors along with enforcement officials among numerous others.

The RTO personnel are liable for enforcing the motor vehicle act and the rules within Odisha. Around 5 million vehicles are registered within the state and are generating significant revenue annually.

Does it surprise you that a state which is considered as one of the backward states within India and is renowned for its temples, and festivals could also be the home of 5 million vehicles, which are generating significant revenue annually? It is an impression which is held by numerous people, but the time is now arrived to change their thinking simply because India is presently acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing economies within the world and the effects of a growing economy have begun making an entry also into Odisha, which was hitherto mentioned as an underdeveloped state.

It is highly possible for people to begin having an impression that the residents of a state which was economically downtrodden and also had the highest illiteracy levels would not be making significant investments in vehicles or generating the kind of revenue spoken about earlier.

Categories Of Driving License

The government of Odisha has specified certain regulations which an applicant who is looking forward to applying for a driving license will have to adhere to.

It will be necessary for the applicant to clear the computerized tests along with the driving tests before they are in a position to acquire the license.

Below are the categories of vehicles against which a Driving License Application can be made.

  1. Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 50 cc or lower than 50 cc.
  2. Motorcycles which have gears along with an engine capacity in excess of 50 cc or more, Light Motor Vehicles [LMV’s] which also includes cars.
  3. Motorcycles of all types, including those with gears.
  4. Motorcycles with an engine capacity of any type but without gears and these can include scooters and mopeds.
  5. Light motor vehicles for personal use.
  6. Light motor vehicles for commercial purposes.
  7. JCB, Excavator, Construction HGV
  8. Heavy passenger motor vehicle. These vehicles are provided by a document which is identified as the All India Driving Permit and the document is issued for trucks, buses, cars and is also classified as an open license.
  9. Heavy goods motor vehicle.
  10. Individuals who are holding a heavy vehicle driving license are also qualified to apply for a licence to drive heavy trailers.

Eligibility For Driving Licence in Odisha

Are you Eligible to obtain Driving licence in Odisha ?

The government of Odisha has also specified the eligibility criteria for candidates who are desirous of applying for a driving license. The criteria specified have been mentioned below.

However, the liberalization also brought in a number of manufacturers who were willing to provide new models of vehicles, which did not consume as much fuel as their older counterparts.

  • If you are in the age group of 16 or just above you will need the consent of your parents or your guardian’s before you make an application for the Driving Licence.
  • Your word will not be accepted by Odisha MVD and therefore, you will be required to provide proof of age along with validated proof of your residence.
  • As an applicant for a Driving License, you would be required to be well-versed with the rules and regulations as they have been stipulated by the Odisha MVD, Motor Vehicles Department.
  • If you are over the age of 18 and are looking forward to applying for a Driving Licence for commercial and transport vehicles you are also required to have finished at least the eighth grade in schooling. It will be beneficial for you to understand that some states within India require applicants within this category to be at least 20 years of age.

Listed below is the eligibility criteria for applicants of learners license in Odisha. The requirements are different for non-transport vehicles, and commercial vehicle which also fall under the transport category.

Non-transport vehicle. 

The minimum age requirement for non-transport vehicles which include motorcycles without gear is 16 years, and for motorcycles with gear is 18 years.

A letter of consent will also be demanded by the Odisha motor vehicle department from the guardians of the applicant or the parents.

Applicants over the age of 50 will also be required to submit CMV-form 1, which would be issued by a registered medical practitioner.

Transport vehicle [commercial] 

Applicants who are looking forward to learning to drive a bus, taxi, goods carriers and commercial vehicles of other types should be at least 20 years of age.

The applicant must also be experienced in driving light motor vehicles for at least a year.

CMV-form 1 A issued by registered Dr. should also be submitted.

Fees for Driving License (DL)

Driving Licence fee to be paid is mentioned below while submitting Documents. You may reach out to a Driving School / Agent to make DL application process easier.

For your reference adding Fee details apart from Smart Card Driving Licence

Issue of Learner’s Driving Licence 150
Permanent Driving Licence in Form 7 (Smart Card) 200
International Driving Permit in Form 4A 500
Renewal of DL in Form 7 (Smart Card) 200
Driving test for each category of vehicle 50
Conductor Licence fees Half of DL fees
Endorsement of new class of vehicle in Smart Card 200
Registration / renewal of Driver Training School 2500
For second copy of Registration / renewal of Driver Training School 2500
For appeal against orders of the Licensing Authority 100
Trade certificate (Motorcycle) 50
Trade certificate (Invalid carriage) 50
Renewal of trade certificate (motorcycle / invalid carriage) 50 each
Others 200

Learners Driving Licence in Odisha

All candidates are required initially to apply for a learner’s licence before they can be considered as eligible for a fresh driving licence.


If you are an individual over the age of 18 you will not come across any difficulties in making an application for a Learners driving Licence regardless of the type of vehicle you intend to use by yourselves.

  • If you are in the age group of 16 or just above you will need the consent of your parents or your guardian’s before you make an application for the Learners Licence.
  • Your word will not be accepted by the Transport Authority of India, and therefore, you will be required to provide proof of age along with validated proof of your residence.
  • As an applicant for a Learners Licence, you would be required to be well-versed with the rules and regulations as they have been stipulated by the Transport Authority of India.
  • If you are over the age of 18 and are looking forward to applying for a Learners Licence for commercial and transport vehicles you are also required to have finished at least the eighth grade in schooling. It will be beneficial for you to understand that some states within India require applicants within this category to be at least 20 years of age.

2.Fee for learners licence in Odisha

Rs.150/- for one type/category.
Rs.210/- for two type/categories.
Rs.240/- for three type/categories.

3.Documents Required for Learners Licence

You are required to provide information about yourselves, which will include your name, address, date of birth and place of birth.

a. Acceptable Documents For Personal Identification

  1. Your birth certificate.
  2. Your PAN card.
  3. Your passport.
  4. Your report card from school showing that you have cleared the 10th grade.
  5. A transfer certificate from your school which would have your birth date printed on it.

b. Proof Of Address 

  • Electricity and telephone bills which may have been issued recently.
  • LIC bond.
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Passport
  • Agreement of the house.
  • Ration card.

c. Proof Of Age 

  • Birth certificate.
  • Pan card.
  • A certificate of transfer from any school which contains the date of birth of the applicant.
  • A Mark sheet of the 10th grade to ensure that the applicant has received some education.

4.Restrictions for Learners Driving Licence Holders

Provided that  a learner’s  licence limited to driving an invalid carriage may be issued to the applicant, if the licensing authority is satisfied that he is fit to drive such a carriage.

  1. No  learner’s licence shall be issued to any applicant unless he passes  to the satisfaction of the licensing authority such test as may be prescribed by the Central Government.
  2. When  an application  has been  duly made  to the appropriate licensing authority  and the applicant has satisfied such authority of his physical  fitness under  sub-section (3)  and has  passed  to  the satisfaction of  the licensing  authority the test referred to in sub-section (5),  the licensing authority shall, subject to the provisions, issue  the applicant  a learner’s  licence  unless  the applicant is  disqualified under for driving a motor vehicle or is  for the  time being  disqualified for  holding or  obtaining  a licence to drive a motor vehicle:

Provided that a licensing authority may issue a learner’s licence to drive  a motor  cycle or a light motor vehicle notwithstanding that it is  not the  appropriate licensing  authority, if such authority is satisfied that  there is  good reason for the applicant’s inability to apply to the appropriate licensing authority.

  • Where  the  Central  Government  is  satisfied  that  it  is necessary or expedient so to do, it may, by rules made in this behalf, exempt generally,  either absolutely  or subject to such conditions as may be  specified  in  the  rules,  any  class  of  persons  from  the provisions of sub-section (3), or sub-section (5), or both.
  • Any  learner’s licence  for driving  a motor  cycle in  force immediately before  the commencement  of this  Act shall,  after  such commencement, be deemed to be effective for driving a motor cycle with or without gear.

5.Application for Learners Licence in Odisha

Locating an RTO office close to you is an essential requirement if you are looking forward to applying for a license within Odisha. You will also have an opportunity of using the online option which is also available by logging into the official website of the RTO.

The application for the driving license from 4 can be downloaded from the website mentioned or also obtained from the RTO office.

Candidates who are looking forward to applying for a driving license for goods vehicles of any type should visit the website of the transport department of Odisha http://as2.ori.nic.in:8080/web/. Applicants without access to the Internet will have to visit the offices of the RTO and submit their application personally. Candidates who apply for a learner’s license must understand the following:

  1. Navigate to Official website of Odisha MVD here
  2. Under Online Serives>Click on “LL Appl. and Appointment” Check nearest RTO in Odisha where you applying learners driving licence
  3. At this point, you will have to be ready with the correct RTO details where you wish to apply for driving licence in Odisha. As Odisha transport is in transformation phase for consolidating online process for license, there is a little inconvinience. Its just about two different websites. DL applicants under Bhubaneswar I and II, Puri, Jajupur, Jagatsinghpur are advised to apply via http://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/ and applicants from other RTOs (You may find Complete RTO list in Odisha if you scroll down this article) are to make application via http://sarathi.nic.in/.
  4. Select New Learners Licence and Click on Continue.Apply Online driving license for learners in odisha
  5. Fill Personal Particulars of the Learners Driving Licence Applicant.
  6. Fill Address Details. Please note you should have the Address Proof Documents in Odisha as listed Below.
  7. Select the Class of Vehicles you wish to apply in Odisha for Learners Driving License.
  8. Upload all Necessary Documents and submit. Ensure to take a print out of Acknowledgment Slip

6.Applied for Learners Driving Licence ? What’s Next ?

Learn About all Road Signals by visiting here and be prepared for the Online test. Mandatory SignsCautionary signsInformative signTraffic police hand signs and Driver hand signals.

At the same time, you must also be looking forward to understanding the traffic rules which are being applied within the state and make an effort to learn the signs and signals which you would be required to use regularly. The learner’s license is valid over a period to six months, but if you believe that you have mastered driving the vehicle and also have all the information needed about the rules and regulations you can definitely appear in a test for the permanent driving license.

Once You are confident to appear for Learners Driving Licence Test, You can head to RTO office to appear for the Licence Test Exam. Here is what you have to do.

  1. Visit RTO (best to reach by 9 to 10am) due to crowd and avoid long queue.
  2. Take challan from ground floor challan counter
  3. Go to LL inspector room where they check your documents and file.
  4. After that we have to go camera room where they take photo, eye scan and finger print.
  5. Then to go data entry room.
  6. Once we go through all these procedure then time for road sign test. we can choose computer test or oral test.

Computer Test

Computer test has 15 multiple choice questions of traffic rules and signs and you will be provided with 15 min to answer them. You will get to know the score immediately after the test. Once test is finished, RTO inspector will guide you to take eye test.

Oral Test

Oral test is bit easy compared to Computer Test as the officer asks you to explain hand signals, street signs, parking points etc.

Chances of getting failed in learners test is Null. If in case if you fail in Learners test, don’t get disappointed. Re-test is allowed and you may reappear after preparing again.

After you obtain your learners license one of your first objectives should be the master the type of vehicle mentioned on the license in person. You must understand you will be required to undergo testing when you apply for a permanent license with the type of vehicle for which you would have obtained the learner’s license.

The learner’s license will have a validity period of six months.

The application form along with the documents mentioned above must be submitted to the RTO office after making a payment of the fees specified.

The officials of the RTO will verify the documents provided and will thereafter schedule a driving test.

The candidate is required to appear for the driving test within 180 days from the time the learner’s license is issued.

The candidate will be required to drive his or her vehicle in the presence of an examiner who will be looking forward to ascertaining the knowledge of the candidate with regard to traffic signals and the rules.

The candidate will be eligible to receive the driving license if he or she has managed to satisfy the examiner adequately.

Applicants are, however, eligible to appear for a driving test at the completion of 30 days after receiving the learner’s license.

Applicants are required to drive the same type of vehicle, which has been specified in the application form.

Permanent Driving Licence In Odisha

A driving licence (In Odisha) is an essential requirement for an individual who is looking forward to driving throughout India. This is a legal document which is issued by various RTO offices, which are located in different states within India. In line with the federal structure of India, the state of Odisha has also made arrangements to issue driving licenses because no individual throughout the union of India is authorized to drive any vehicle regardless of the category without a license.

a.Application Form For Driving License

As compared to many other states within India the procedures for making an license application have been simplified in Odisha. People who have access to the Internet can visit the official website of the transport department and complete the procedures after selecting the driving license tab on the homepage and complete the information which has been requested.

After the candidates have completed the form and uploaded the relevant documents or even decided to download the form in order to complete it at their convenience, they will be in a position to take the form with them during the time their test has been scheduled. Perhaps the only factor which the transport department was not able to consider within Odisha is the matter of completing the driving test online for which the candidates will be required to visit the RTO.

b.Documents Required

Before applying for a permanent driving licence the candidates are required to submit certain documents, which will be similar to the documents submitted earlier. They must also pay the fees which have been specified and obtain a slot for the practical driving test.

The application form must be completed, and the candidate will be required to submit the form along with the documents listed below:

  1. A valid learners license.
  2. A driving certificate on form 5 if the application is being submitted for a transport vehicle.
  3. Proof of address.
  4. Proof of age.
  5. Three passport size photographs.

c.Online Procedure

The motor vehicle department of Odisha has made arrangements to issue the SCB card a day after the driving test is cleared by the candidate. Arrangements are also in place to issue candidates upgraded driving licenses and licenses, which have been submitted for renewals a day after all documents have been handed over to the RTO.

Candidates also have access to check the status of their driving license by entering their relevant details as requested by the website of the transport department of Odisha

Step 1: Apply in Parivahan Sarathi Portal here.Apply Online for Odisha Driving Licence in Parivahan Sarathi Portal

Step 2: Fill in Particulars as you did while applying for learners licence, once done, select the Documents list.

Step 3: Since we are applying for Permanent DL, Ensure to select LL first, Enter Learners Licence number, RTO office code ( note it down from your learners licence) and date of issue.Schedule Driving Test online for license in Odisha

Step 4: Select and add remaining documents details for address proof, Identity proof Etc.

Step 5: Answer couple of questions in the Same tab.

Step 6: Submit Application, get the form and acknowledgement slip printed.

Step 7: Document Checklist – Please note, all Documents should be Original as there would be a physical verification.

  • Online Acknowledgement Slip
  • Online Application Form
  • Learners Licence
  • Identity Documents
  • Local and Permanent Address proof
  • 3-4 Passport Sized Photograph
  • RC Book of your vehicle.
  • Insurance Copy
  • PUC certificate
  • ‘L’ Board for the vehicle
  • Challan of Rs.300 (I will talk about it in Few minutes)

L Board for the vehicle is mandatory, as we are still holding the Learners Licence. You are not supposed to drive in Public roads without ‘L’ board until you get the driving licence.

d.Offline Procedure

Are there any alternative methods of obtaining driving licenses from the state of Odisha? Alternative methods to obtain a driving license are available throughout India, mainly in the form of agents who claim to have easier options for people who are looking toward to apply for driving licenses. Perhaps the only ease they offer is in saving some time for the candidates who may not be interested in visiting the offices of the RTO for various reasons.

However, most of these agents tend to charge exorbitant prices for the services they offer and therefore people are advised to use the options which have been provided by the RTO either by conducting some research themselves or by utilizing the online options which are easy to understand. People who are willing to invest a little time when considering applying for a driving license will find it beneficial for themselves because the RTO has made all efforts to ensure people can apply for and obtain driving licenses along with any of the services they offer without difficulties.

Driving Licence Application form must be filled with utter care to ensure there are no errors and no field should be left unattended while applying for  Driving License (DL) in Odisha. If You are planning to apply for converting existing driving license to Smart Card Licence, this form can be used.

  • When you are applying for a Driving License, you will be required to complete form 4 regardless of whether your application is pertaining to a single category of vehicle or two categories.
  • If you are looking forward to adding another class of vehicles within the Smart Card Driving Licence, you will be needed to complete form 8.
  • If your application is for an International Driving Permit, none of the above will be appropriate for your requirements because you will need to complete form 1 A and 4A. (Please note IDP is not issued as Smart Card till the date)
  • If you have lost or misplaced your Smart Card Driver’s License ( DL) and need to apply for a duplicate driving Licence you will need to complete the form LLD.
  • If for any reason, you are required to renew your Smart Card Driving Licence, the form that needs to be completed is 9, 1 and 1A.

Apart from submitting the documents needed by the transport department the candidates will also be required to pay the fees as specified by the transport department of Odisha. Candidates do not have to remain concerned about the prices which will be charged because they are within the affordable category.

A permanent driving licence will only cost Rs.200 and the fees applicable for the driving test for every class of the vehicle will be Rs.50. A service charge of Rs.50 is also applicable. If candidates are looking forward to applying for an international driving license, the charges for the same are fixed at Rs.500. All the charges and fees must be paid in cash at the regional transport office which will be issuing the license.

The Day of Driving Test In Odisha

Excited..! Hell Yeah ? Read Further, We are closing the Target.

This is the Crucial Phase of Driving License Test in Odisha. Today, In the Public Roads, You will have to show the Inspector that You are capable of Driving a Vehicle Either Bike, Car or Whatever Vehicle You wish to Earn Driving Licence for.

Be Prepared very well with Hand Signals while Starting, allowing other vehicles to pass us while driving (Overtaking in India :D), while Stopping vehicle (Hand Signal + Indicator) etc.

  1. On the Day of Road Test, Ensure to Reach the RTO Office atleast by 9:00 am where you applied for Driving Licence. The Road Test may happen at any time before 3 pm.
  2. Pay Rs.300 and get a Challan for the Licence and Another one of Rs. 100 INR for DL Test.
  3. Go and meet the File Inspector to verify all documents are in place as expected.
  4. Once done, Register your Finger Prints and Photographs.
  5. Ask their guidance to find the officer/clerk who will enter your data in the system.
  6. Move on to the Inspector Room who will again check for all Documents required for the Driving License and Road Test.
  7. Now its time to sit back and relax for sometime. The RTO Officer may ask you to wait on the test spot infront of the office.
  8. Test may start at any time after 11:30am, please be calm until your turn comes up.
  9. For two wheelers, usually they ask you to make a ‘U’ turn on the street, ensure you are scoring it with relevant hand signals.
  10. There is a possibility that, RTO officer may ask to make a circle, ensure to park the vehicle always on the left hand side before and after the test.

Test Assessment Points / Parameters

  • Adjust rear view mirror.
  • Take suitable precautions like fastening of seat belts etc before starting engine.
  • Move away safely and smoothly straight ahead at an angle while at the same time use of all gears.
  • Change quickly to lower gear when the traffic conditions warrant such change.
  • Change quickly to lower gears while driving down hill.
  • Stop and restart on steep upward incline make proper use of hand brakes and of the foot brakes without rolling back, turn right and left corners correctly using rear view mirror before signaling
  • Over take and allow to be overtaken safely with proper caution giving appropriate signals.
  • Give appropriate signals by hand or by electrical indicators clearly without mistake.
  • Change the lanes using proper signals with care.
  • Stop the vehicle in an emergency safely.
  • Use of the reverse gear while driving the vehicle backwards with reasonable accuracy.
  • Use the forward and reverse gears to change the face of vehicle in opposite direction.
  • Take correct and prompt action at signals given by traffic signs ,signals, policemen and other road users.
  • Drive cautiously at pedestrians crossings giving preference to persons crossing the road.
  • Keep well to the left in normal driving.
  • Regulate the speed to suit varying road and traffic conditions.
  • Demonstrate control of the vehicle by confident steering and smooth gear changing and braking as and when required.
  • Make proper use of rear view mirror before signaling, maneuvering, overtaking , turning to right or stopping.
  • Use proper side when driving straight, turning and at road junctions.
  • Make proper use of accelerator, clutch, gears, brakes, steering and horn.
  • Anticipate the actions of other road users.
  • Take precautions at intersections & road junctions to adjust the speed , proper positioning of the vehicle , use rear view mirror & avoidance of cutting right hand corner.
  • Concentrate on driving with attention & presence of mind.
  • Show courtesy & consideration for other road users keeping in mind the road safety.

Once you are completed successfully, You may Receive the Licence in Smart Card form with in 3-4 weeks.

RTO Offices in Odisha

RTO Locations RTO Code
Balasore OD01
Bhubaneswar OD02
Bolangir OD03
Chandikhol OD04
Cuttack OD05
Dhenkanal OD06
Ganjam OD07
Kalahandi OD08
Keonjhar OD09
Koraput OD10
Mayurbhanj OD11
Phulabani Khandamal OD12
Puri OD13
Rourkela OD14
Sambalpur OD15
Sundergarh OD16
Baragarh OD17
Rayagada OD18
Angul OD19
Gajapati OD20
Jagatsinghpur OD21
Bhadrak OD22
Jharsuguda OD23
Nabarangpur OD24
Nayagarh OD25
Nuapada OD26
Boudh OD27
Debagarh OD28
Kendrapara OD29
Malkangiri OD30
Sonepur OD31
Bhanjanagar OD32
Bhubaneswar OD33
Jajpur OD34
Talcher OD35

Validity Of The Driving License 

The validity periods for various types of licenses issued within the state of Odisha have been mentioned among the list provided below:

  • Transport vehicle — three years from the date of issue or renewal.
  • Non-transport vehicle — until 50 years or 20 years from the data for renewal or the issue, whichever is earlier.
  • Transport vehicles for hazardous goods — one year from the date of renewal or issue.

Addition of New Class of  Vehicle to a DL

A person holding a driving licence for Motor Cycle ( Bike ) may similarly apply for addition of a light motor vehicle (Car etc.) at any time. Documents Required are

  1. Valid Driving Licence.
  2. Valid Learners’ Licence for the category.
  3. Application in Form 8.
  4. Form 1(Self declaration as to the physical fitness for Non- Transport vehicles only).
  5. Form 1A (Medical Certificate-for Transport Vehicles only).
  6. Fees as prescribed along with user charges.

Numerous vehicle categories can be included within the existing driving license the details of which are provided below.

  • Transport vehicle in LMV license.
  • Hazardous goods within a transport driving license.
  • Authorization for transport vehicle.
  • Additional categories of two wheelers of various types.

When looking forward to including a transport vehicle within an LMV license the applicant must be at least 20 years of age and should have cleared the eighth grade while also having at least a years experience of driving a light motor vehicle.

  • Form number 8 must be completed.
  • The candidate must also submit his or her original license.
  • A certificate of training received from an authorized school must be submitted on form number 5.
  • A fee of Rs.200 must be paid for the smart card.

When adding hazardous goods to a transport vehicle the candidate is required to satisfy the following conditions.

  • The applicant should provide his particulars on the prescribed application.
  • A certificate of training received [3 days] and issued by any state or central government must be submitted.
  • The applicant is required to pay the fee of Rs.50, which is applicable.
  • The endorsement provided will be valid for a year.

When authorization is required as a transport vehicle, the following conditions will apply.

  • The application must be submitted on form TVA.
  • The police must have provided the applicant with a certificate of good conduct.
  • A certificate of training received must be submitted on form number 5.
  • The applicable fees of Rs.50 must be paid.

Adding additional categories of two wheelers will require the following from the applicant.

  • A request should be submitted to the RTO on form number 8.
  • The original driving license should accompany the form.
  • The fees of Rs.200 must be paid for this smart card driving license.
  • The applicant will be given an opportunity to take a driving test within 30 days after he or she has received the learners license.

Duplicate Driving Licence in Odisha

Quite often it has been observed that people need changes made within the driving licence or even acquire a duplicate driving license, and the transport department of Odisha has adequately prepared itself to meet any such requirements, which may be demanded by the applicants.

When the need to make any changes arises, the candidates are required to complete the LLD form by mentioning all details on the original driving license.

The fee charged for making the changes is Rs.200 and should be paid by the applicant along with his or her application. If the applicant does not remember the number of the smart card issued initially they will be in a position to request for an additional smart card from the RTO by providing their name and address.

An additional fee of Rs.25 will be charged by the RTO in order to facilitate the new smart card. Candidates who desire to change specific particulars within their driving license like name and address and request for the same in the application along with the fees of Rs.200 and a no objection certificate from the licensing authority.

Documents Required for Duplicate Licence 

  • Intimation of Loss or  destruction of driving license and application for duplicate licence, or known as LLD.
  • If the Licence is stolen, then process for applying duplicate driving license should get in to legal documentation by submitting a First Investigation Report (FIR) from Police station.
  • If the Licence is not lost, instead if it got damaged, you are good to submit the Original Driving License.
  • It is always recommended to keep xerox/photocopies of the actual driving licence, to make the process easy for the assessing officer in the RTO office, but don’t worry if you don’t have any.
  • Depending on the RTO office, you may be asked for age proof and address proof which you have used for applying original driving licence.

Renewal of Driving Licence

Driving licences issued by on RTOs within India have a validity period of 20 years and holders of this document will be required to renew the same upon expiry. The following is the conditions are applied by the state of Odisha for the renewal of driving licenses.

  1. License holders have a grace period of 30 days two renew their driving license.
  2. Numerous people look forward to renewing their licenses five years ahead of time and in such cases, they are not required to undergo any tests. The license which is renewed will remain valid from the date of the renewal.
  3. Form number 9 must be completed and submitted to the RTO.
  4. The original driving license must also accompany the form.
  5. License holders over the age of 50 when applying for the renewal of a transport license must also submit a medical certificate on form 1 A.
  6. A fee of Rs.50 apart from the Rs.200 which will be charged for the smart card must be paid. An additional charge of Rs.50 will become applicable for any delays.
  7. A no objection certificate [NOC] issued by the concerned RTO must also be submitted.

Corrections in Driving Licence

Regardless of the reasons for the errors in the personal details of the licensee , it is essential that the same be rectified without delays. The subject of making corrections in a Driving license therefore, become important immediately when the matter is noticed.

Errors Liable for Correction in Driving Licence

  1. Correction in the Name of the Driving Licence holder.
  2. Correction in the Last name/Initials of the  DL holder.
  3. Changes in the Address of the Driving license Holder
  4. Date of birth of Driving Licence Holder
  5. Blood group of Driving License Holder

The licensee making an application for the corrections to be made in the driving licence must complete the form LLD and form 1 which will provide the transport department with the personal information about the individual.

International Driving Licence Permit ( IDP ) in Odisha

International driving permits [IDP] is also issued by the state of Odisha and the issue of such permits is under the authority of the transport Commissioner, additional Commissioner transport and the principle of the driving training school within the state.

  • Indian citizens are eligible to apply for and receive an international driving license when they report to the RTO in person.
  • They will be required to complete form 4 A and also provide a medical certificate in form 1 A.
  • The fee applicable for an IDP is Rs.500.
  • The candidate will also be required to provide copies of the visa, his or her passport, passport size photographs numbering three along with their existing driving license.
  • The IDP is valid over a period to one year or until the expiry of the existing license whichever is earlier.
  • A duplicate international driving permit is not renewed after it expires.
  • The international driving permit is handed over to the applicant in person.

International driving permits are issued from various zonal offices. The validity of this permit is for one year. You are required to get your licence from the country your visiting within one year period. Following documents are to be produced at the time of applying for a International driving permit :-

  1. Valid driving licence issued.
  2. attested copy of address proof.
  3. attested copy of Birth certificate
  4. Valid passport
  5. Valid Visa
  6. Fee of Rs. 200/-
  7. Two passport size photograph.

Other Side of the Story

People are advised not to hold such impressions within their minds because despite the economy of the state remaining in shambles for a number of years because of lack of attentiveness by the politicians, the people within the state have strived hard to make things better for themselves.

One of the methods which has been used by people within Odisha and is an issue which is dealt by the whole country is related with the subject of transportation of people and goods. If people need adequate transportation facilities to commute to various places, goods also need to be moved from one place to another, and the lack of a proper network has perhaps encouraged entrepreneurs within the state to consider making investments, which would be beneficial for their requirements.

Fortunately, the people have decided appropriately because their decision has not just helped them better their lives but also contributed to the economy of Odisha. Under the circumstances, it was only natural for the state governments of Odisha to establish a Motor Vehicle Department for the state which could issue driving licenses and offer other services as required.

Adopting alternative methods to obtain driving licenses will also bring in the risks of obtaining legal documents, which have been prepared by unscrupulous individuals and could be spurious. Reports which have appeared recently from various states have provided information that thousands of driving licenses are presently being reevaluated because of suspicious activity. This clearly indicates that the RTO is aware of the problems which they are required to counter and are preparing themselves to manage the situations appropriately. People who have chosen this option are likely to find themselves being prosecuted by the law enforcement agencies that will not be looking kindly at such acts. The impression that all RTO departments within India our corrupt and therefore, the ease of staying away from problems like these must also be left behind by any individual who could be considering using such methods. The state of Odisha certainly is the 11th most populated region within India but a major portion of the population are tribals that on most occasions only rely upon public transport and have no need for a driving license. The urban population does have a higher chance of being apprehended by the law enforcement agencies if they have chosen to use unlawful methods to obtain a driving license regardless of whether it is in Odisha or any other state within India.

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