Quick Guide to Apply Tamil Nadu ( TN ) Smart Ration Card Online

Do you have plans for applying Ration Card in Tamil Nadu ( TN ) ? Or Would like to check Smart Ration Card status which has been recently declared by TN Govt ?Lets go through the preparations to be equipped with.

Few documents come close to the ration card in utility and value when it comes to serving as your official identification proof. The main advantage of a ration card also called the ‘family card’ in Tamil Nadu ( TN ), is that it helps you procure food grain, rice, LPG, sugar, wheat, etc at subsidized prices as provided by the Tamil Nadu government. Furthermore, the card also serves as a legally accepted proof of your identity, which means you can use it while applying for loans, dealing in property, etc. Such is the power of the ration card!

Uses & Benefits of Ration Card

Fluctuations and price variations are a common phenomenon in any country that owe their occurrences to national and international market fluctuations. Fuel price changes or even political conditions that prevail can have a drastic effect on prices. In order to stabilize rates of commodities for the common man, the Government of Tamil Nadu ( TN ) provides for subsidies on common essential commodities such as food grain, sugar, kerosene, petroleum products and even agricultural fertilizers. This reduces, as much as possible, the effect of such price hikes and fluctuations on the common masses who cannot afford to deal with such changes.

To ensure the common man benefits from such subsidies, the Government of Tamil Nadu ( TN ) issues every family, a ration card, which guarantees them price subsidies at the authorized ration dealers.

A second advantage of the ration card is that it serves as a legally recognized official proof of your identity valid at all government offices and centers. Whenever there arises a need to provide a valid proof of your identity, you can trust your ration card!

Make Online Application for Ration Card in Tamil Nadu TN

Certain formal procedures such as buying and selling a property, or even applying for a new loan require the dealing parties to submit a valid proof of address. The ration card proves it’s worth here too. When applying for a new telephone connection for your house or getting your passport or PAN card made, you can use your ration card as a valid address proof.

Modern technology has made it possible to link your ration card to your Aadhar card as well if you have one. The latter can further be connected to your bank account, which makes the ration card a truly multi-purpose legal document that is really helpful fulfilling a variety of needs.

There is one important difference, though, that sets the ration card apart from other proofs of identity. While usual ID proofs only stand to authenticate a single individual, the ration card identifies all members of your family- parents, children, etc, since it comprises of details about all family members.

The Tamil Nadu ( TN ) Public Distribution System

Through accessible fair price shops that supply all essential commodities at subsidized prices, the Tamil Nadu ( TN ) Public Distribution system aims to provide food security to all citizens.

The PDS also ensures that the deficiency in micro-nutrients is curbed by fortifying all food commodities.  This is particularly important for the lower strata of the society that fights hunger and deprivation.

By making the essentials available to the public at the right time each month, the Tamil Nadu Government aims to tackle poverty and starvation, while also ensuring price hikes do not affect even the poorest of the poor.

Types of Ration Cards in Tamil Nadu TN

The Government of Tamil Nadu issues three types of ration cards to applicants. The All commodity ration card or the green card entitles the card holder to get all essential commodities including rice at subsidized rates. The Sugar card, on the other hand, is white in color and entitles cardholders to buy sugar instead of rice plus all the other essential goods.

The No Commodity card serves only as proof of identity for the cardholder and his/her family. It offers not subsidy benefits.

Commodity Entitlements

Scale of Commodity for each cardholder are as below

Sl.Name of the CommodityPrice per Kg.Scale of Supply

per month

1.RiceFree since 1.6.2011 onwards4 Kg. per adult and 2Kg per child subject to a minimum of 12 kgs and a maximum of 20 kg per ration card (except Nilgris district .For Nilgris district an additional quantity of 4kg of rice is issued per ration card. For AAY beneficiaries 35 kg per month at the rate of Rs. 2 per kg. 

As cardholders


2.SugarRs.13.50500 gms per head per month for Sugar option ration cards an additional quantity of 3 kg of sugar in lieu of rice.In one instalment .
3.WheatRs.7.5010 Kgs per card per month in Chennai City and District Head Quarters and 5 Kg card per month in other areas. (subject to availability)

The scale of supply of Kerosene depends on the number of LPG cylinders the cardholder possess. The following table clearly lays down the entitlements:

SlPlaceWithout LPGSingle LPGDouble LPG
1Chennai City

District Head Quarters

2Other Municipalities630
3Valparai Hills (in Coimbatore District), Thalavadi, Kuthiyalattur and Barhur in Bhavani Taluk)5+5

( Temporary)



4Township and Town Panchayats530
5Village Panchayats330
(i)Head Quarters1530
(ii)Other Municipalities1530
(iii)Township and Town Panchayats1030
(iv)Village Panchayats5+5 (Temporary)30

Eligibility For New Ration Card in Tamil Nadu ( TN)

The following rules apply for getting a new ration card :

  1. The applicant and his/her family must be Indian citizens.
  2. The applicant and his/her family must be living and cooking separately.
  3. The applicant and his/her family must be ordinarily resident in Tamil Nadu.
  4. The applicant or his family members must not possess any family card in any State in India.
  5. The applicant or any of his/her family members must not be a member in any other family card in TN.
  6. The applicant and members of the family must be close relatives

Documents Needed for Ration Card Application in TN

You need to submit certain important documents that authenticate your identity when you apply for a new ration card in Tamil Nadu. Make sure you carry these with the duly filled application form when you submit your application to the zonal assistant commissioner or your TSO, as the case may be:

  1. Either of the following three documents has to be submitted:
    1. The Surrender Certificate. This should be submitted with the family card if the latter has been issued in the previous address by the relevant authorities.
    2. The Name Deletion Certificate from the parent family card or the Non-Inclusion of name certificate which has been issued in the previous address by the card issuing authority.
    3. No Card certificate is to be submitted if there is no family card issued in the previous address.
  2. You also need to enclose a proof of your residential address in Tamil Nadu. Make sure that the name of the applicant and her/his address appears in the submitted document copy. The following address proofs are deemed acceptable:
    1. Last month’s Electricity bill
    2. Last month’s Telephone bill
    3. Electoral Voter ID card
    4. In case you own your house, you may submit Property Tax receipt document of the current year
    5. Bank Pass book’s front page
    6. For persons who reside in houses provided by Slum Clearance Board, the Allotment order may be submitted
    7. Passport
    8. In case you reside in a rented house, you may submit a currently valid Tenancy agreement
  3. You also need to provide details of your LPG connection, if any. Make sure all details you disclose are correct to avoid application rejection: name of the registered consumer, consumer number, Oil company’s particulars and the name of your LPG agency.
  4. If you earlier applied for a ration card, submit the necessary documents along with details of the rejection and registration number.
  5. You might also submit your cell phone number/email so your application status may be communicated to you through automated messages.
  6. You must also submit a self-addressed and stamped postcard or postal cover so the office might send back the results of the application to your address.

Procedure for Applying New Smart Ration Card Online in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of those states that have greatly simplified the ration card application process. All you need to do is pay attention to the process and formalities and wait for your ration card to arrive!

Step-1: Visit the website of Tamil Nadu Government PDS department and Click on Smart Card Application as below. Apply Online for New Smart Ration Card in Tamil Nadu TN PDS portal

(For new application download the form for application for a new ration card: http://cms.tn.gov.in . Alternatively you can download it here.)

Step-2: Fill in the application form completely and make sure you enter all details correctly. Forms that are incomplete can be rejected. Sign the form once you are done. Ensure to Chose Type of Card

Complete and Fill alll necessary personal particulars

Step-3: If you live in the Chennai district, submit the form along with all requisite documents and the nominal fee of Rs. 5/- to the assistant commissioner of your zone. You can find details about the appropriate assistant commissioner office on the website of the Tamil Nadu Government’s Consumer Protection Department: http://www.consumer.tn.gov.in/telephone-numbers.pdf

However, if you live in other areas of Tamil Nadu, you can submit the form along with the other documents to your TSO (Taluk Supply Office) of the Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department.

Step-4: Collect your acknowledgment slip from the Zonal or Taluk office duly stamped with the official seal. Make sure the slip has your serial number, application date, and final disposal date.

Step-5: Check your New Ration Card Application Status here

Your ration card would be made within 60 days of your application if it were complete with all documents.

The Process of Field Investigation

Once you submit the duly filled application form along with all requisite documents, the field investigation process would begin. The department requests applicants to not contact the AC or TSO office earlier than 30 days from the application date. Your house would be inspected by a field verification officer within 30 days of your application. She/he would verify all submitted information for its accuracy. Make sure you ask for the officer’s ID card, though, before you let her/him into your house.

If you find that your field investigation has been pending for more than 30 days since your application, report this to the TSO/ assistant commissioner. Once the field verification is complete and the application is deemed complete and acceptable by the TSO/assistant commissioner, the ration card is printed.

Check Smart Ration Card Status

Since Govt recently announced Smart Card for the Ration Card holder, you may check status by following below steps

  1. You May check application status of Smart Ration Card in Tamil Nadu by visiting http://tnpds.gov.in
  2. Click on Beneficiary Login/ பயனாளர் நுழைவு on the right hand top corner as below Click on beneficiary login in TN PDS portal to check smart ration card status
  3. Please enter Your 10 digit mobile number which was registered with your Ration Card and click “Send OTP”. You will receive One Time Password immediately. Login to the portal using registered mobile number in ration card TN
  4. Please note : If your Ration Card is already registered, but your Mobile number is not registered, please contact helpdesk on 1967 / 1800-425-5901.
  5. This is how the portal looks like after login, Once logged in click here
  6. You will get to know the status as below Get to know TN smart card ration card status online
  7. While writing this article, there is no clear update on how the smart ration card would get dispatched. But I strongly believe it would be via ration shops/fair price shops. I will update article once I have some clarity on this. Click here to check your Smart Ration Card Status.

Ration Card Collection Process in Tamil Nadu TN

Once the printed ration card arrives, the TSO or the assistant commissioner sends a postcard intimating the applicant to pick up her/his ration card within a period of 15 days. When you collect your card, ensure you carry the acknowledgment slip on the scheduled date of pick up as mentioned in your postcard.

Remember to preserve a copy of the outer cover of the ration card and save the shop identification and ration card number. This would prove crucial if you apply for a duplicate card later should the original get lost. If the applicant, the head of the family, cannot pick up the ration card in person, she/he may authorize another family member to collect the card on her/his behalf.

In this case, a letter to this effect should be sent by the applicant with the signature of the other member. The member must, in addition to this letter attested by the family head, also carry the acknowledgment slip.

Even if your application has been rejected, a postcard bearing the rejection reasons would be sent to you within a period of 60 days from the date of application. Automated messages may also be sent to the applicant intimating her/him of the status of the application via SMS/Email.

What to do if your Ration Card application is delayed ?

In the rare case that you do not hear from the office of the assistant commissioner/Taluk Supply Officer beyond 60 days from the date of your application, you should contact the offices and inquire about the reasons for such delays. If you are located in Chennai or the city’s belt area, you can also contact the Deputy Commissioner North or the Deputy Commissioner, South. Also, consider speaking with the district’s Supply and Consumer Protection Officer.

If the applicant still gets no response from the offices of the AC and DC, she/he should consider reporting the matter to the office of the Commissioner of the Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department via telephone/email.

Avoid filling misleading information in your ration card application

Under section 7 of the Essential Commodities Act, submitting incorrect information about family members or providing incorrect addresses is an offense. Such applicants would attract criminal prosecution against them and would be punished under the law.

Applicants should not list those family members in their application who are already mentioned elsewhere on other ration cards issued by the government. Furthermore, citizens should correctly disclose all information about their LPG connections.

How to Add Names in TN Ration Card

There are instances when you wish to get names added to your ration card. The Tamil Nadu Government has simplified the process for the convenience of its citizens. The applicant must contact the office of the Assistant Commissioner or the Taluk Supply Officer and obtain the application form, which must then be duly filled with all details.

The form must then be submitted to the office along with the nominal processing fee and the requisite documents as applicable. For instance, the birth certificate is to be provided for adding a name to the ration card while a death certificate is required if a name has to be deleted. A surrender certificate may also be submitted as the case maybe. The original ration card too is to be carried along when you apply for name addition/deletion.

No processing fee is charged from families living below poverty line.

Duplicate Ration Card

If your card gets lost due to any mishap, consider reporting the loss to your TSO/AC office immediately. Also, seek their help and guidance in preparing an application for a new card. It is wise to preserve your ration card numbers and outer cover, which might prove useful in getting a duplicate ration card.

Tatkal Family Cards

The Government of Tamil Nadu issues the ‘Tatkal family card’ to be used only as a proof of residence. The card can be obtained by filling a form that can be downloaded from the following web address: http://cms.tn.gov.in/sites/default/files/forms/Resiproof_e_appln_0.pdf

The card does not entitle the owner to buy goods at subsidized rates from the Authorized Ration dealers. At the time of application for the tatkal card, the applicant must also carry a copy of any valid identity proof such as Electoral ID card, Passport, Driving License, etc. The card is non-transferable.

Civil Supplies Offices in Tamil Nadu TN

Region Name
Office Phone No:
Email -Id
Chennai (north) No.7, Conronsmith Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai-600 086
044 28351504
Chennai (south) No.7, Conronsmith Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai-600 086
044 28351514
Coimbatore Goundampalayam, Coimbatore-641 030.
0422 2430437
Cuddalore Post Box No.30, Nellikuppam Road, Semmandalam, Cuddalore-607 001.
04142 2330621
Dharmapuri No.1, Salem Main Road, Dharmapuri-636 705. 
04342 230878
Dindigul Near Collector Office, District Sports Ground Backside, Dindigul-624 001. 
0451 2461978
Erode Post Box No.917, No.38a/10, Tnhb, Nasiyanur Road, Manickampalayam, Erode-638 011.
0424 2410534
Kanchipuram Vandavasi Road, Pallavan Nagar (housing Board), Kanchipuram-631 501.
04112 27237135
Kanniyakumari Post Box No.69, Konam, Nagarcoil, Kanniyakumari-629 004.
04652 261214
Karur Collectorate Complex, Karur-639 562. 
04324 255573
Krishnagiri Tncsc Complex, By Pass Road, Krishnagiri 635 001. 
04343 200007
Madurai Ward No.10, Kuruvikaran Salai, Aringnar Anna Nagar, Madurai-625 020. 
0452 2534279
Nagapatinam Master Plan Complex, Collectorate, Nagapattinam-611 001. 
04365 242060
Namakkal Namakkal Collector Office Back Side, Siluvampatti Post, Namakkal-637 003. 
04286 277737
Nilgiris 198/a, Goodshed Road, Nilgiris-643 001. 
0423 2443945
Perambalur Thurai Mangalam, Perambalur-621 220. 
04328 225957
Pudukottai Post Box No.17, Kalyanapuram 1st Street, Trichy Bye-pass Road, Pudukkottai-622 002.
04322 220330
RamanathapuramCollectorate Master Plan Complex, Ramanathapuram-625 525. 
04567 230767
Salem No.528, Trichy Main Road, Dasanaikenpatti (post), Salem-636 201.
0427 2282012
Sivaganga Colectorate Complex, Phase-ii, Sivagangai-630 562 
04575 241420
Thanjavur Post Box No.69, Satchidananda Moopanar Road, Near Membalam, Thanjavur-613 001.
04362 231909
Theni Post Box No.38, No.3-112, R.m.t.c. Colony, Bodi Main Road, Theni-625 531. 
04546 264988
Thiruchirapalli Court Compolex, Trichy-628 008. 
0431 2417233
Thirunelveli No.9f, St.thomas Road, Maharajah Nagar, Thirunelveli-627 011. 
0462 2574463
Thiruvallur No.6, Lalbagadur Street, Periyakummam, Thiruvallur-602 001. 
04116 262417
Thiruvannamalai Sidco Complex, Vellore Road, Vengikal, Thiruvannamalai-606 604. 
04175 232071
Thiruvarur Post Box No.30, Mannargudi Road, Velamal, Thiruvarur-610 001. 
04366 222532
Thoothukudi No.c42, 43, 44, Sipcot Complex, Tuticorin-628 008. 
0461 2340102
30   Tiruppur   
  31   Vellore Pallavansathukuppam, Vellore-632 002. 
0416 2264590
Villupuram Post Box No.64, G.s.t. Road, N.h.45, Villupuram-605 602. 
04146 223604
Virudhunagar Collectorate Complex, Virudhunagar-626 001. 
04562 2352607

Feedback System in TN

In a bid to encourage a transparency in the government machinery, the Government of Tamil Nadu asks citizens who apply for ration cards to submit their feedback on the official department website: www.consumer.tn.gov.in

Applicants are encouraged to report the status of the services provided to them by their TSO/Assistant commissioner offices. Such feedback systems ensure the policy makers stay informed of corrupt practices in the system that delay applications and create unnecessary trouble in an otherwise simple process.

The Tamil Nadu Government takes particular care in ensuring the right conduct of its officials and machinery. If you face any instances of bribery or other corrupt practices, report them to the Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department. The process of raising a complaint has been greatly simplified and can even take place over email or phone addressed to the Commissioner of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection. You can simply write the email to ccs@tn.gov.in

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