Telangana Transport TS Search Vehicle Owner Registration Details of Car Bike Number

Telangana TS Transport and Motor Vehicle Department website offers Unique feature to Search for Vehicle Owner and Registration Details. If you are planning to buy a used car, bike, or transport vehicles in Telangana, it is mandatory to know the previous vehicle Registration details to avoid any scam behind it. Lets do Search for Vehicle owner in official Website of Telangana MVD at

Lets take a Look on how to utilize the Service Offered by Telangana TS MVD Vehicle ownership and Registration details in Telangana.

Benefits of Getting Vehicle Ownership Details

Main Advantage of searching Vehicle owner is that you would get Registration details of a vehicle.If there is any case of Hit and Run cases occurs, it would be really easy to search the vehicle owner in order to proceed with legal proceedings

According to, Telangana is at third place in road accidents. Bad is it ?

While you plan to purchase a vehicle, to avoid any bogus sellers or signing a wrong deal with the agent, its mandatory to verify the documentation to ensure things are going smooth. Lets praise, Telangana MVD, Motor Vehicles Department  and Transport Department for revealing the details.

Four Methods to Search a Vehicle Owner in Telangana

Telangana Transport Dept and Motor Vehicle Department Let you Search for Vehicle Registration Details in four ways

1. With Vehicle Registration No. 

In India Motor vehicle Department (MVD) has utilized the below format for vehicle registration. Current format of the registration number is of 4 parts, They are:

Sample Reg No : TS-02-1234

  • The First Two Letters/ alphabets of vehicle registration denotes the state or territory where the vehicle belongs to.
  • Third and Fourth numeric Digits speak about the District where the vehicle owner registered the vehicle. Please note, this number cannot be randomly chosen as its officialy registered by te Govt.
  • Alphabets are assigned to deal with high count of vehicle registration in Telangana. If needed, owner may wait for desired fancy number booking.
  • Last 4 dgits are assigned based on the sequence of registrations.

Click here to Check Vehicle Details

2. Using Engine chase No.

You are allowed to track a vehicle owner details using the Engine Chassis numberSearch Telangana Vehicle details using Engine Chassis Number. Chassis number is a unique ID No# assigned by the vehicle manufacturer. RC Book  and Insurance Document must have the Engine Chassis
number. If not, you may physically inspect the Chassis number from the vehicle you wish to own.

Click here to Check Vehicle Details

3. Via SMS

Telangana Motorvehicle Department Implemented tracking Feature via SMS to find a vehicle owner and other Registration Details. Lets take a look how to do it

Click here to Check Vehicle Details

BSNL Customers note 53725, Rest all Connection holders can be tracked using 537252

  1. Vehicle Registration Details – Name and Other Details.
  2. Various Applications Status Submitted to the Motor Vehicles Department – MVD A<INVARD NO>
    a. Permit Status –  MVD P<VEHICLE NO>
    b. Tax Details – MVD T<VEHICLE NO>
    c. New Vehicle Registration status – MVD N<INVARD NO>
    d. Fancy Number Booking status MVD F<booked no.>

How to Search Vehicle  Ownership and Registration Details in

  1. Official Website of TS Telangana transport to search vehicle owner is listed below.
  2. Open Telangana TS website  in new tab, new Window.
  3. Enter Vehicle Registration number OR Chassis number of the vehicle you wish to track.Search Telangana Motor Vehicle Registration and owner details online
  4. Complete Captcha and click on Get to complete the tracking process. Below is how you get the result.

Particulars You May Get While tracing Registration Details

  1. Owner Name
  2. With Effect From – Registration Date.
  3. Address
  4. Dealer Name
  5. Tax Details
  6. Category Details of the Vehicle
  7. Validity of Vehicle

RTO Offices in Telangana

RTO CodesDistrict / Region
TS-09-Px-xxxxPolice Vehicles
TS-09 to TS-14Series starting with Z is for RTC vehicles

If you think a vehicle belongs to you or the ones around, You must provide sufficient document proof RC book, Insurance, your ID and Address proof to the nearest RTO to take it further.

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